In the Family History Room

A Guide to New South Wales State Archives relating to Aboriginal People. May 1998. By the Archives Authority of New South Wales.
Connecting Kin: Guide to records: a guide to help people separated from their families search for their records. By Kristy Thiree and Tracy Bradford. 1998.
Looking for your Mob. A Guide to Tracing Aboriginal Family Trees. 1990. By Diane Smith and Boronia Haistead.
Moree Mob. Volume One. Winanga Li. 1999. By Noelene Briggs-Smith.
Moree Mob. Volume Two. Burrul Wallaay. 2003. By Noelene Briggs-Smith.
My Heart is Breaking. 1993. A Joint Guide to Records about Aboriginal People in the Public Records Office of Victoria and the Australian Archives, Victorian Regional Office.
Tracing Koori Ancestry. 1989. By James Milller. RAHS Technical Information Service.
Yerranderie is my Dreaming. By Valerie Lhuede. 2007.


These are on the wall to the right, just before you enter the Family Studies Room 

Aboriginal Australia. Compiled by David Horton. Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies.
Aboriginal New South Wales. A pictorial study Guide.



In the Aboriginal Reference Resources Area. Ask at the reference desk to locate these.

In sad but loving memory: Aboriginal burials and cemeteries of the last 200 years in NSW. 1998.
Telling it like it is: a guide to making Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history. 1992.


Please note that there are other titles in this area, which may interest Family Historians.