Australia and New Zealand 

  • AIF Unit Histories of the Great War 1914 - 1918. By Ron Austin.
  • Family history research in South Australia. By Graham Jaunay.
  • Finding Ancestors in church records. A brief guide to resources. By Shauna Hicks.
  • Finding Florence, Maude, Matilda, Rose. Researching and writing women into family history. By Noeline Kyle.
  • Guide to Baptist historical resources in Australia. By David Parker.
  • It's Not All Online. A guide to genealogy sources offline. By Shauna Hicks.
  • Migration to New Zealand. A guide for family history researchers. By Christine Clement.
  • My ancestor was in an asylum. Brief guide to asylum records in Australia and New Zealand. By Shauna Hicks.
  • Papers Past. New Zealand's yesteryear newspapers. By Carol Shearer.
  • That elusive digger. Tracing your Australian military ancestors. By Neil C. Smith.
  • Tracing mining ancestors. A brief guide to resources in Australia and New Zealand. By Shauna Hicks.
  • War on the Veldt. Tracing your Australian military ancestors in the Boer War 1899 - 1902. By Neil C. Smith.
  • What was the Voyage Really Like? A Brief Guide to Researching Convict and Immigrant Voyages to Australia and New Zealand. By Shauna Hicks.


British Isles and Europe 

  • British and Irish Newspapers. By Chris Paton.
  • Discover English Parish Registers. By Paul Milner.
  • Discover Scottish Church Records. By Chris Paton.
  • Discover Scottish civil registration records. By Chris Paton.
  • Discover Scottish land records. By Chris Paton.
  • Finding the family redcoat. Tracing your British military ancestors in Australia. By Neil C. Smith.
  • Irish Family History Resources Online. By Chris Paton.
  • Locating your German Ancestor's Place of Origin. By Eric Kopittke.
  • London and Middlesex family history resources online. By Alan Stewart.


General Research

  • Citing historical sources. A manual for family historians. By Noeline Kyle.
  • Cracking the code of old handwriting. By Graham Jaunay.
  • Death Certificates and archaic medical terms. By Helen V. Smith.
  • DNA for genealogists. 2nd Edition. By Kerry Farmer.
  • Family History on the Cheap. By Shauna Hicks.
  • Family history trippn'. A guide to planning a genealogy research trip. By Thomas Macentee.
  • Guide to Wolfram / Alpha for genealogy and family history research. By Thomas Macentee.
  • Organising a Family Reunion. By Lesle Berry.
  • Pinning your family history. By Thomas Macentee.
  • So you are totally new to Family Tree Maker. 2nd Edition. By John Donaldson.
  • Social Media for Family Historians. 2nd Edition. By Carole Riley.
  • Solving Riddles in 19th Century photo albums. By Graham Jaunay.