Virtual CD User Guide

Using Virtual CD to install and launch CDFHS USB Drives under Windows XP/7/8 and 8.1.

A number of CDFHS USB Drives contain information stored in ISO files which are images of CD-ROMS and must be ‘mounted’ as a drive on the computer.

This process is handled automatically by the CDFHS Application on Windows 10 based computers however, on all other Windows® versions a third party application must be first installed before an ISO file can be loaded.

CDFHS recommends an application named Virtual Clone Drive (Virtual CD) be used for this purpose and this can be found on the Library USB Drive, where required, or can be downloaded free of charge from

Installation of the program is follows the standard installation process as explained below and may require you to reboot your computer once installed.

Select the menu option Virtual CD to open the installer, if launching from with the CDFHS Library USB drive. To open a downloaded edition, double click on the downloaded file version which is normally located in the  Download folder.

Open the installer

Select I Agree, then keep selecting Next at each of the following pages until reaching the Windows Security dialog.

Start the installation

Click in the Checkbox to 'Always trust ...' then select Install to begin and a progress dialog will display.

If you decide not to continue select Don't install.


Wrapping up

When the installation is complete select the Close button to finish.

Loading the ISO file

Using File Explorer open the CDFHS USB Drive. It is labelled CDFHS. Within the file structure there can be seen a folder labelled Data.

If the folder cannot be seen click on the Organise button at the top left of the File Explorer window and select the option Folder and Search Options.

This will result in the Folder Options dialog being displayed as shown below.

Select the option Show hidden folders and drives then click on Apply followed by OK to close the dialog. The Data folder should now be visible.

With the left mouse button, double click on the Data folder to open it, and inside there is a file that has the extension .iso, e.g. FHS005.iso, this is the ISO file.

Place the mouse pointer over the ISO file and press the right mouse button to display the options menu. From the options menu select using the left mouse button the option Mount.

This will result in a dialog similar to that below being presented

If the option Run Autorun.exe appears, select it to commence the installation, else choose Open folder to view files and select the file named Setup.exe
and follow the prompts in the installation file.

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